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Published: 17th December 2010
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I've been thinking about producing my very own beat tracks for a while now because I am sure I am able to do a better job of them than a lot of the low quality ones I hear while I am out at the club on the weekends, A while ago I'd been looking around the internet hunting for a very good beat maker which i could use when I discovered Dub Turbo and after installing it I wanted to talk about my review of this computer program with you.

The Dub Turbo software program has existed for quite a while now and its well regarded within the music producing online community. This is actually the fifth incarnation of their beat making software program and yes it keeps getting better with every new release.

When I originally started to browse around at different Digital Audio Workstations I was stunned and dismayed by their high costs and they also were well out of my league when just beginning, I had been just looking for something that I really could use to create some excellent tracks without a large upfront expense and after trying out Dub Turbo I soon came to the realization it fitted that criteria effectively.

I have played around with a number of different beat makers that you can easily obtain on the internet and was constantly unimpressed by the inadequate quality of the completed program. It took me lots of research to recognise why that was. The truth is, most of the beat maker software programs in existence simply use Mp3 samples they've procured from stock music sellers, these types of MP3 already are compressed down and then when using them to create your special master track and export as an MP3 file they get condensed down again so by the end you have this poor quality track that's using second generation music track that is not suitable for anything, especially giving it out as a demo track to some music producer or for a Dj to try out inside a club.

The programmers of Dub Turbo have essentially taken the time and money to obtain music samples which they had remastered which means you possess the finest quality music samples available to you when using the product. Not only that but the software will export your own master tracks as 44.1 the best quality .wav files that is actually the industry standard in terms of what file format a master track ought to be in.

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